Compétition internationale
43rd edition
19>28 november 2021, Nantes

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Each Director has presented his favourite film in his own Work and another director film of the 3 Continents which has been especially significant for him.


Youssef CHAHINE has presented Cairo Station (Bab El-hadid) and has choosen The Light (Yeelen) by Souleymane CISSE

CHEN Kaige has presented Yellow Earth (Huang Tudi) and has choosen Rashomon by Akira KUROSAWA

Souleymane CISSE has presented The Girl (Den Muso) and has choosen The Carter (Borom sarret) by Sembene OUSMANE

Adoor GOPALAKRISHNAN has presented Monolog (Anantharam) and has choosen The Role (Bhumika) by Shyam BENEGAL

HOU Hsiao-hsien has presented The Boys from Feng-Kuei (Feng-kuei lai te jen) and has choosen Floating Clouds (Ukigumo) by Mikio NARUSE

IM Kwon-Taek has presented Two Monks (Mandala) and has choosen A Stray Bullet (Obaltan) by YU Hyonmok

Shohei IMAMURA has presented Vengance is Mine (Fukushu suru wa wareni ari) and has choosen Sanjuro (Tsubaki Sanjuro) by Akira KUROSAWA

Gaston KABORE has presented Buud Yam and has choosen Keita, the Storyteller’s Legacy (Keïta, lhéritage du griot) by Dani KOUYATE

Ömer KAVUR has presented A Broken Hearted Story (Kirik Bir Ask Hikayesi) and has choosen Kasaba by Nuri BILGE-CEYLAN

Abbas KIAROSTAMI has presented The Passenger (Mosafer) and has choosen Beyond the Fire (Ansouy-e atash) by Kianoush AYAR

Darejan OMIRBAEV has presented Heartbeats (Kardiogramma) and has choosen They Call me Koja (Menya zovut Kozha) by A. KARSAKBAEV

Nelson PEREIRA DOS SANTOS has presented My Little Frenchman Was Good to Eat (Como é gostoso o meu francês) and has choosen Central do Brasil by Walter SALLES

Arturo RIPSTEIN has presented Divine (El evangelio de las maravillas) and has choosen Nazarin by Luis BUNUEL

TSAÏ Ming-Liang has presented The River (He Liu) and has choosen The Winter (Dong Nuan) by Li HANXIANG

Melvin VAN PEEBLES has presented The permission and has choosen The Castle of the Spider (Kumonoso Ju) by Akira KUROSAWA

WONG Kar-Wai has presented Days of Being Wild (A fei zhengzhuan)