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La fille
(Den muso)

by Souleymane CISSÉ

Bosses are bound to have workers. Malamine Diaby runs a bicycle factory. Sekou is one of his workers. Malamine has a wife, Fanta, a niece, Adam and a dumb daughter, Tenin. He is torn between his cultural heritage and what he considers as progress. The youth of Bamako gather in groups. They go for a swim in the Niger river, dance and make love. Living on the fringe, they attract young girls from wealthy families, including Adam and Tenin. Unaware of his own social position, the unscrupulous Sekou ends up raping Tenin who consequently becomes pregnant.
Her father’s reaction can only be anger. He shouts his resentment at his family. It’s the resentment of a man who’s worked ail his life and forgot to live. He calls both his wife and daughter whores. The only way out for him is death. He dies of a stroke. For Tenin love has had a bitter taste. She discovers Sekou is having an affair with another girl. She sets fire to his house and swallows as many pills as possible so that she can die. Her ultimate act puts an end to the confusion of words.

  • Titre français
    La fille
  • Original title
    Den muso
  • Scénario
    Abdoulaye Sidibé, Cheik Hamala Keita, Souleymane CIssé, Marc
  • Photo
    Abdoulaye Sidibé, Cheik Hamala Keita, Souleymane Cissé, Marcelin Diarra
  • Montage
    Andrée Davanture
  • Musique
    Wandé Kuyaté
  • Interprétation
    Dounamba Dany Coulibaly, Fanta Diabate, Omou Diarra, Balla Moussa Keita, Mamoulou Sanogo
  • Support de projection
    35 mm

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