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Concert for an Exile
(Concerto pour un exil)

by Désiré ECARÉ


In bittersweet tones, the lives of four Africans in Paris portrayed by a young African girl of their own age: the seducer, the street sweeper, the trade unionist and the student… The characters look for one another, find each other, call one another and come and go in a sort of musical farandole. “Concerto pour un exil” can be considered an autobiographical film to a certain extent, especially in that note of nostalgia that accompanies all the characters and which, at times, verges on real pain. “That twinge we all felt at times when the memory of our situation as people in exile awoke us from a passing state of euphoria. Even if we had no illusions about ha Africa that was waiting for us” (D.Ecaré).

  • Titre français
    Concerto pour un exil
  • Original title
    Concerto pour un exil
  • Titre international
    Concert for an Exile
  • Photo
    Maurice Perrimond, Tristan Burgess
  • Interprétation
    Hervé Denis, Claudie Chazel, Henri Duparc

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