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46th edition
NOVEMBER 15>23, 2024, Nantes - France

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Projeto Paradiso is a Brazilian foundation that offers creative and strategic support for professionals in film and episodic, boosting their international presence. Launched in 2019, this philanthropic initiative invests in professional training and capacity building through fellowships, mentoring programs, workshops, seminars and studies, nurturing a network of professionals in Brazil. Projeto Paradiso works through partnerships with well-known institutions, thereby connecting national talent with training and business opportunities around the world.



In a dire context for the Brazilian audiovisual sector, filmmakers and producers have had to adapt to new forms of financing and producing cinema. In partnership with the French Embassy in Brazil, we celebrate the arrival of Festival des 3 Continents’ Produire au Sud (PAS) initiative in Recife on 2022/23. PAS and Festival des 3 Continents are long-term partners of Brazilian cinema, and have worked with many important projects, such as The Dead Girl’s Feast, by Matheus Nachtergaele, and Estômago, by Marcos Jorge.

The workshop is designed for aspiring Brazilian talents in film. We expect participants to gain knowledge of the techniques and tools of international film coproduction through this program, thus creating a sustainable foundation for film cooperation between professions from Brazil, Europe and other countries from the South.

Municipality of Recife

“The Municipality of Recife, capital of the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, is ready to partner with Produire au Sud and Projeto Paradiso and eager to host and support the workshop’s activities in editions to come.

As these players with whom we now share a mission, Recife has been seeking and paving cultural and artistic development through international interchange and cooperation. It currently stands out as the hometown of talented, distinguished independent film producers and filmmakers and as a local hotspot for an emerging film market in Brazil, with an expanding network of film education institutions, production companies and exhibition venues.

Joining the framework of Produire au Sud and welcoming film professionals from all over Brazil for occasions of collective learning and growth will be a natural, inspiring milestone on this ongoing venture of investment in culture, arts and film.”


“The City of Nantes, through its agreement with the French Institute of Paris, supports the Ateliers Produire au Sud in their development in Brazil and is committed for three years to the Festival des 3 Continents for the launch of the international workshop Produire au Sud in Brazil, particularly in the framework of its cooperation with the city of Recife.

This project responds to the various issues included in the international cultural strategy of the City of Nantes: promoting professional artistic mobility, strengthening cultural collaboration with Recife, and carrying out long-term structuring actions focused on supporting emerging film professionals, with a view to empowering the local industry and promoting international exchanges.

The Ateliers Produire au Sud, with their history and international expertise on all continents, represent a privileged partner for the Nantes municipality, both in the development of their actions in Nantes and in their international expansion.”



Recife 2022 | 3rd Edition

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