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Spring in My Hometown
(Areumdawoon sheejul)

by LEE Kwang-mo

The summer of 1952, at the height of Korean War. Sungmin and Changhee are best friends. They witness something terrible that would have preferred not to know; at a deserted mill, Changhee’s mother welcomes a G.I. while Sungmin’s father stands guard as her pimp. Changhee is determined to seek revenge. The next day, without so much as a word to Sungmin, he disappears after setting tire to the mill while a G.I. and a Korean prostitute make love.
A year goes by. The horribly bloated body of a young boy is discovered in a swamp near the mill…

  • Titre français
    Ce printemps dans mon pays natal
  • Original title
    Areumdawoon sheejul
  • Titre international
    Spring in My Hometown
  • Scénario
    Lee Kwangmo
  • Photo
    Kim Hyung koo
  • Montage
    Ham Sung Won
  • Son
    Seung Chul Lee
  • Musique
    Won II
  • Interprétation
    Ahn Sung Ki, Bae Yu chung, Song Ok sook, Lee In
  • Production
    Korean Film Art Centre Baek Du-Dae Gan Co.
  • Support de projection
    35 mm
  • Sous-titrage

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