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Shin Sang-ok

(Chungjin) › 20060411 (Seoul)

Known for his prolific filmography, Shin Sang-ok left a legacy of over 70 films, often shot in a climate of extreme censorship. Despite being prosecuted (he and his wife were kidnapped by the North Koreans in 1978), he did not hesitate to set up his own production company (producing over 250 films), through which he constantly denounced the failings of a divided and moribund society. In particular, he tackled the issues of political authoritarianism, the place of women and the hell of prostitution in A Flower in Hell, all subjects considered sensitive. Now internationally recognised, Shin Sang-ok is one of the most innovative filmmakers of his generation and one of the key figures in the history of Korean cinema.


Filmographie sélective:

Une Fleur en enfer (1958)
Le Locataire et ma mère (1961)
The Evergreen Tree (1961)
Prince Yeonsan (1961)
L’Arche de la chasteté (1962)
Yeonsan le tyran (1962)
The Sino-Japanese War and Brave Queen Minbi (1965)
Phantom Queen (1967)
L’Eunuque (1968)
Le Destin des femmes de la dynastie Yi (1969)
L’Angélus (1970)

Shin Sang-ok

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