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Deaf Samryongi
(Beongeori Samryong)

by SHIN Sang-ok


A historical drama set in no particular time, Deaf Samryong tells the story of a humble and virtuous farmhand serving a noble household that had taken him. Gwang-sik, the master’s son enters a loveless marriage with Sun-deok (Choi Eun-hee). When he is not busy beating his new wife, he is off to have fun with the servant girl, Chu-wol. Saddened at the sorry fate of his new mistress, Samryong is so captivated by her that he falls in love. Once again, the story of an impossible love and one of Shin Sang-ok’s most sublime melodramas, adapted from the Korean author Na Tohyang. It is thought that he himself was inspired by Victor Hugo’s Quasimodo. JB

  • Titre français
    Samryong, le muet
  • Original title
    Beongeori Samryong
  • Titre international
    Deaf Samryongi
  • Scénario
    Gang-Yun KIM
  • Photo
    Jong-Rae KIM
  • Montage
    Seong-Hwan OH
  • Musique
    Yun-Ju JEONG
  • Interprétation
    Eun-Hee CHOI, Jin-Gyu KIM, No-Sik PARK, Geum-Bong DO
  • Production
    Shin Films
  • Print
    Centre Culturel Coréen (Paris) :
  • Support de projection
    35 mm

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