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Song of Nostalgia
(Canto da saudade)

by Humberto MAURO

chant de la nostalgie

“Colonel” Januário runs for village mayor. Maria Fausta, his goddaughter, is wooed by Galdino, the accordion player, but she sees João do Carmo without her father knowing about it. During the election campaign, the young woman disappears. Galdino manages to find her: she was with her lover. The couple goes back to the village and the “Colonel” has the wedding celebrated. During the party, people notice Galdino is not around ; he preferred to leave. According to the legend, on certain days, one can hear the sad and nostalgic sound of an accordion coming from the cane field…

  • Titre français
    Chant de la nostalgie
  • Original title
    Canto da saudade
  • Titre international
    Song of Nostalgia
  • Scénario
    Humberto Mauro
  • Photo
    José de Almeida Mauro
  • Montage
    Luiz Mauro
  • Musique
    Heitor Villa-Lobos
  • Interprétation
    Cláudia Montenegro, Mário Mascarenhas, Humberto Mauro

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