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Murmur of Youth
(Mei li zai chang ge)

by LIN Cheng-sheng

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Is Lin Cheng-sheng already forgotten? Yet, along with Tsai Ming-liang, he was one of the most influential cinematographic voices to emerge in Taiwan in the 1990s. After a debut film, A Drifting Life (1996), Lin Cheng-sheng went on to make Murmur of Youth and soon after Sweet Degeneration (1998, with actor Lee Kang-sheng), March of Happiness (1999) and Betelnut Beauty (2001). In all these films, he clearly establishes a minimalist style, positioning himself at the intersection of an abrasive realism (kneaded – he was formerly a baker – by his life experience) and a sensitivity to the mood of his often adolescent characters (two remarkable Mei-lis in this film). Building on these two strengths, he enjoys redirecting our attention towards the nostalgic dreams of those surrounding the two teenagers. JB

  • Titre françaisMurmur of Youth
  • Original titleMei li zai chang ge
  • Titre internationalMurmur of Youth
  • ScénarioKO Su-Ching, LIN Cheng-Sheng
  • MontageCHEN Hsiao-Tung, CHEN Li-Yu
  • SonHU Din-I
  • MusiqueCHANG Hong-Yee
  • ProductionCentral Motion Picture Corporation
  • Support de projection16 mm

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