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Nantes 2017 | 17th Edition

2017 Nantes Produire au Sud
2017 Nantes Produire au Sud


Today, the Produire au Sud workshops have expanded into six countries (Taiwan, Morocco, South Africa, Israel, Thailand and Chile) in addition to Nantes. They offer all the participants different formulas of adapted training content grounded in notions related to international coproduction. Depending on the duration of the workshop, on the number of professional mentors and on the areas of work chosen together with the organising partner, the work programmes are tailored to the realities of the film industry in each region and broadly trace the production chain for films that draw on international collaboration. The content can focus on supporting the writing process or be more centred on the logics behind marketing a project. Preparation for a workshop thus relies on a changing configuration and each workshop requires two streams of individualised research: very carefully choosing a content adapted to the host country’s film industry, and dovetailing this programme with a fine-tuned pedagogical dimension to ensure that it can be readily assimilated during the time allocated to the workshop.

This need for research, which in the case of Produire au Sud is dynamic and flexible thanks to the limited number of projects (6 on average) selected for each workshop, is constantly evolving in line with the work methods used in the global film industry. In recent years, several new trends have been integrated into the workshops, thus ensuring that these are constantly enriched and updated: the international seller is now the real economic regulator and no longer a simple intermediary; given their contact with the large body of international creative output, international festivals have now replaced national distributors for diffusion and expert advice; and pitching is now becoming a free-form exercise that has gone beyond its initial formal techniques.

It is around this questioning of content that the Produire au Sud workshops are organising for the first time this year a residential university programme. In tandem with the workshop, the programme offers a researcher a dynamic field of study and possible dialogue with film industry actors. The challenges for Produire au Sud are multiple and this researcher – working in various disciplines such as film and media studies, sociology, anthropology or philosophy – will be invited to reflect on a wide variety of themes – the film industry, coproduction, intercultural relations, storytelling, etc. – at each of the Nantes editions. For this first edition, Produire au Sud will be welcoming Ana Vinuela, a lecturer at the University Paris Diderot-Paris 7, where she teaches the socioeconomics of film and television and production. Here, the purpose is to compare viewpoints, approaches and temporalities: the urgency of learning for the workshop participants and the long-term perspective of academics.

Ana Vinuela will present her research on the challenges of international coproduction with respect to the French fund, Aide aux Cinémas du Monde, Thursday 23 November from 4:30–6 pm in the amphitheatre of the Natural History Museum.

Guillaume Mainguet
Head of Produire au Sud


– Workshop: November 20-26, 2017

Selected projects


directed by Sadam Wahidi
produced by Abdul Tamim Zarabi

SOUTH AFRICA | Miles from Nowhere

directed by Samantha Nell
produced by Bongiwe Selane


directed by Elvin Adigozel
produced by Teymur Hajiyev

MYANMAR | One Summer Day

directed by We Ra Aung
produced by Aiess Alonso

Released  in 2021 : Utama

BOLIVIA | Our Home

directed by Alejandro Loayza Grisi
produced by Santiago Loayza Grisi

CHINA | The Stranger

directed by Yang Zhengfan
produced by Zhu Shengze


– Claire Lajoumard, Acrobates Films, producer – France
– Raimond Goebel, Pandora Films, producer – Germany
– Thomas Pibarot, Le Pacte, sales agent/distributor – France
– Delphyne Besse, UDI, international sales agent – France
– Gualberto Ferrari, script consultant – France & Argentina
– Sari Turgeman, ScriptLight, script consultant – France & Israel
– Hans van Helden, postproduction & visual effects supervisor – The Netherlands
– Stefano Tealdi, Stefilm, pitch expert – Italy
– Sara Silveira, Dezenove Som e Imagens, producer – Brazil
– Clément Duboin, Good Fortune Films, producer – France
– Boris Chapelle, sound engineer – France
– Gabrielle Béroff-Gallard, La Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde, French Institute – France


Since 2013, the Produire au Sud workshop takes place in the IAS. The Institute for Advanced Study provides an inspirational setting for intellectual innovation. The Institute’s mission to bring together internationally renowned scholars, writers and innovators from many different countries, working in many different disciplines. The scholars, temporarily freed from their normal professional obligations, have the opportunity to pursue their studies in a spectacular building overlooking the Loire River. They have the opportunity to work on their projects either individually or collectively.

The main objective of the Nantes Institute for Advanced Study is to create a new type of relationship between Western scholars and those from the rest of the world. By encouraging the latter to put forward their viewpoints we hope to achieve a true diversity of approaches to current problems posed by globalization.


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