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One Summer Day
(Nawa Ta Nae)

by Zay Yar (Wera) AUNG


San is a rural medical doctor who has been caring for her younger brother, KoSi, since their parents died in a civil war in Myanmar. San is 7 months pregnant and her only companion is her teenage brother KoSi, who keeps to himself most of the time. When the military carry out a recruitment drive in their village, KoSi disappears. San goes on a difficult journey to rescue her bother. She confronts the army captain, Kyawkyaw. San will not leave without KoSi. As her brother is a minor, she insists that his enlistment is illegal, to justify his release. The captain gives in to San’s arguments. The siblings journey home. KoSi is reluctant. His emotions flood out of him. He tells San that he wanted to join the army. San is shocked and cannot believe that he willingly enlisted himself. KoSi wanted to create a life for himself and to lessen the burden on his sister – “I want to take care of you.”

  • Titre français
    One Summer Day
  • Original title
    Nawa Ta Nae
  • Titre international
    One Summer Day
  • Production
    Green Age Film

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