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Hurrah for freedom
(Jayu manse)

by CHOI In-Kyoo

During the japanese occupation, Chun Chang-Gun, fighting for the Korean resistance, is fired at by the Japanese police. Pursued by the police, Chun is saved at the last moment by Hwang Ryu-Hea, the daughter of the family who hides him. They fall in love, but Chun is committed to fighting for his country and has very little time.

  • Titre français
    Vive la liberté
  • Original title
    Jayu manse
  • Titre international
    Hurrah for freedom
  • Scénario
    Kim Chang-Keun
  • Photo
    Han Hyung-Mo
  • Musique
    Park Tae-Hyun
  • Interprétation
    Hwang Yo-Hee, Kim Chang-Keun, Chun Taek-Ee
  • Production
    Koryo Films CO.

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