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You Will Die at Twenty
(Satamoto Fel Eshreen)

by Amjad ABU ALALA


The first feature by Amjad Abu Alala was present at the 3 Continents Produire au Sud workshop in 2016 as a work-in-progress. Three years later, we now have the finished film, a fable paradoxically dark and solar that is logically sustained by its forceful work on light and visual composition. In this remote region of southeast Sudan, superstitions have as long a life as the timeless waters of the Nile. Wondering how he can advance under the burden of a prophecy (that of the title) which he has carried from birth, Muzamil vacillates in a world of fixed values between what he thinks are opportunities to forge his own convictions: religion, love, the encounter with a surrogate father. Awarded the Lion of the Future at the latest Venice Film Festival. JB

Released on February the 12th 2020

Participation in the 2014 Nantes Produire au Sud Workshop

  • Titre français
    Tu mourras à 20 ans
  • Original title
    Satamoto Fel Eshreen
  • Titre international
    You Will Die at Twenty
  • Scénario
    Amjad Abu Alala, Yousef Ibrahim
  • Photo
    Sébastien Goepfert
  • Interprétation
    Islam Mubarak, Mustafa Shehata, Moatasem Rashed
  • Distribution
    Pyramide :
  • Support de projection
  • Sous-titrage
  • Ratio
    2:35 (scope)

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