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The Scar of Shame
(The Scar of Shame)



Colored Players Film Corporation, a company headed by whites producing films for black audiences, signed up the Italian American Frank Perugini to direct The Scar of Shame. At the time of the Harlem Renaissance, this social and moral melodrama set in the late 1920s reveals the complex class-based stratification of the black urban population. While the characters’ ambitions appear to shape their destinies, they also seem to conflict with the hardships encountered by those struggling to climb the social ladder. And central to these tensions, the place of women and their degradation. JB

  • Titre français
    The Scar of Shame
  • Original title
    The Scar of Shame
  • Titre international
    The Scar of Shame
  • Scénario
    David Starkman
  • Photo
    Al Liguori
  • Musique
    Philip Carli
  • Interprétation
    Harry Henderson, Norman Johnstone, Ann Kennedy
  • Distribution
    Kino Lorber
  • Support de projection

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