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My Brother Silk Road
(Altyn kyrghol)

by Marat SARULU


A railway line now cuts across the Kirghiz steppe where the Silk Road once ran. Four children, including their rather brash leader, set out from their native village in the mountains on a journey to the railway track, hoping that the next train will take them away. At the same time, a train makes its way across the steppe; the encounter with this train will indeed dramatically change the lives of at least two of these children. 

  • Titre français
    Le Faisan d’or
  • Original title
    Altyn kyrghol
  • Titre international
    My Brother Silk Road
  • Scénario
    Marat Sarulu
  • Photo
    Kadirjan Kidiraliev
  • Montage
    Tylek Mambetova
  • Son
    Rishbek Mamirkanov
  • Musique
    Baktybek Alisherov
  • Interprétation
    Busurman Odurakaev, Tinar Abdrazaeva, Mukhambet Toktay, Kabatai kyzy Elm, Tamlay Imanaliev, Urmat Samudunov, Japarkul kyzy, Jarkinay, Shayilda zulu
  • Production
    Firm Kino
  • Prix obtenus
    Montgolfière d'Or, F3C 2002

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