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Moments in a Stolen Dream
(Kung mangarap ka't magising)

by Mike DE LEON


Joey, a bourgeois college student and dilettante, meets Anna, a pretty girl unhappily married who became a mother at too young an age. Joey is played by the up-coming star of Filipino cinema, Christopher de Leon (no relation to the filmmaker) and Anna by Hilda Koronel, the unforgettable Insiang of Brocka’s eponymous film. Moments in a Stolen Dream seems to be a light-hearted chronicle of student life marked by Western influence and intergenerational conflicts. Yet, under its kitsch paraphernalia and insipid photo-story atmosphere, the film slides towards a subtle melodrama, as the meeting between Joey and Anna is – even more than a dream – the moving but short-lived union of two wounded hearts. AR

French Premiere of the restored print

  • Titre français
    C’était un rêve
  • Original title
    Kung mangarap ka't magising
  • Titre international
    Moments in a Stolen Dream
  • Scénario
    Rey Santayana, Mike de LeonRey SANTAYANA, Mike DE LEON
  • Photo
    Francis ESCALER, Mike DE LEON, Ely CRUZ
  • Montage
  • Son
    Ramon REYES, Luis REYES
  • Musique
  • Interprétation
    Hilda KORONEL, Christopher DE LEON, Laurice GUILLEN, Moody DIAZ, Danny JAVIER
  • Production
    LVN Pictures
  • Distribution
    Carlotta Films :
  • Support de projection

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