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46th edition
NOVEMBER 15>23, 2024, Nantes - France

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3 November 2022 Program
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Driven by the conviction that cinematic experience is also one of sharing, Artistic Director Jérôme Baron and the Festival team are delighted to welcome audiences in person once again:

“We hope that the rich and varied programme of the 44th Festival des 3 Continents will draw large audiences to movie theatres, as was the case last year. If we can contribute to this trend, we will be delighted.

The number of cinemas that have partnered with the event is, in itself, a testimony to our common belief that audiences should experience movies on the big screen. Many previously unscreened or extremely rare works are featured in the 2022 selection, which means there are many discoveries in store for audiences. The core principle is: stay curious!”

In addition to the International Competition and Special Screenings, audiences can enjoy a host of other events including an homage to renowned Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda, in attendance at this year’s edition and whose documentary works are still little known; a voyage through Indian cinema from 1970 to 1990; and for the first time ever, a complete retrospective of the works of Mike De Leon, a master figure in Filipino film. Festivalgoers will also have an opportunity to dive headfirst into the prolific and marginal work of Argentinian filmmaker Raúl Perrone and to enjoy the A Family Resemblance programme.


A selection of 10 French and European Premiere films:

Goodbye, Captain directed by Vincent CARELLI and Tatiana ALMEIDA, documentary (Brazil), French Premiere

Autobiography directed by Makbul MUBARAK, drama (Indonesia, France, Singapore, Poland), French Premiere – First Feature Film

Glorious Ashes directed by BUI THAC Chuyên, drama (Vietnam, France, Singapore), European Premiere

Day After… directed by Kamar AHMAD SIMON, documentary (Bangladesh, Norway, France), French Premiere

The Winter Within directed by Aamir BASHIR, drama (India, France, Qatar), European Premiere

Jet Lag directed by ZHENG LU Xinyuan, documentary (Austria, Switzerland), French Premiere

Love Life directed by Kôji FUKADA, drama (Japan, France), French Premiere

Rule 34 directed by Júlia MURAT, drama (Brazil, France), French Premiere

Scent of Wind directed by Hadi MOHAGHEGH, drama (Iran), European Premiere

Shivamma directed by Jaishankar ARYAR, drama (India) European Premiere – First Feature Film


A selection of eight films, including many previously unscreened works.

Opening Ceremony at the Angers Nantes Opera House
Dirty Difficult Dangerous directed by Wissam CHARAF (Lebanon) will be screened as the opening film of the Festival, in the presence of the director.

Other Special Screenings

We, Students! directed by Rafiki FARIALA, documentary (Central African Republic, France), Premiere, First Feature Film

Our Choices directed by Karim SERJIEH, documentary (Syria, France, Qatar) French Premiere

Profound Desires of the Gods directed by Shohei IMAMURA, drama (Japan) French Premiere of the restored version

Rewind & Play directed by Alain GOMIS, documentary (France, Germany)

The Novelist’s Film directed by HONG Sang-soo, drama (South Korea), French Premiere

Sambizanga directed by Sarah MALDOROR, drama (Angola, France), Restored version

Suzhou River directed by LOU Ye, drama (Germany, France, China) French Premiere of the restored version

Awards Ceremony at Stereolux
The Awards Ceremony will take place after the Premiere screening of Broker (South Korea), directed by Hirokazu KORE-EDA, in the presence of the filmmaker.




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