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Towards the Unknown
(Ila ayn)

by Georges NASSER

In a village in the Lebanese mountains, a family leads a poor life. One day, the father abandons his family and leaves for Brazil, the El Dorado of many of his fellow countrymen. Twenty years go by. The mother managed to raise her children, with great difficulty, though : the eldest son now has a family of his own, and the youngest one is about to emigrate to Brazil when a ragged old man arrives in the village. No one can recognise him, not even his own son to whom he gives his blood to save him.

  • Titre français
    Vers l’inconnu
  • Original title
    Ila ayn
  • Titre international
    Towards the Unknown
  • Scénario
    Helmi Farès
  • Photo
    Rodrigue Dahdad
  • Son
    Henri Masbouh
  • Musique
    Toufic Succar
  • Interprétation
    Nazhat Younés, Mounir Nader, Chakib Khoury, Laura Azar, Raouf Rawi
  • Production
    Société libanaise du cinéma

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