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Adja Tio : All because of the Inheritance
(Adja Tio)

by Jean-Louis KOULA


Two sides of the same story: Urged by his wife Adjoba, Mango, a fisherman, quits his unrewarding job and turns to farming. But he becomes seriously ill. According to tradition, decision-making is now his brother’s responsibility. Under the influence of his sister-in-law Akreman, he sends Mango to the fetish sorcerer who only makes his condition worse. The sick man’s daughter, who lives in Abidjan (thus representing new ideas), takes her father to the hospital where he recovers. Mango’s daughter marries legally in Abidjan. Her father does the same by marrying Adjoba, while his sister-in-law Akreman hatches his ruin. With the help of the fetish sorcerer, she poisons Mango and his brother, who is his legal heir. Adjoba, her son and all of Mango’s possessions are now at her mercy. The dead man’s daughter files a suit…

  • Titre français
    Adja Tio : à cause de l’héritage
  • Original title
    Adja Tio
  • Titre international
    Adja Tio : All because of the Inheritance
  • Photo
    Paul Kodjo et Benoît Say Kann’Da
  • Musique
    Boncana Maïga
  • Interprétation
    Anne Kacou, Daniel Adje, Atchory Memel, Brou Kouadio, Albertine Nguessan, Victor Youha Cousin

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