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46th edition
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A Good Woman
(Liangjia Funü)

by HUANG Jianzhong

This films takes place in the mountains north of Guizhou Province on the eve of China’s liberation. A 18-year-old girl, Yu Xingxian is married to a 6-year-old boy, Yi Shaowei. Her young husband is a clever and care-free boy. He regards his wife as his elder sister. Wu Niang, the mother-in-law, is also a kindhearted woman. The three of them support one another as they lead a not-so-poor and peaceful life. There is no manpower in the family. During the busy seasons, Kaibing, Wu Niang’s nephew and a young man, comes to help them with the farm work. During these times, an indescribable emotion wells up inside Xingxian.

  • Titre français
    Une femme honnête
  • Original title
    Liangjia Funü
  • Titre international
    A Good Woman
  • Scénario
    Li Kuandìng
  • Photo
    Yun Wenyao
  • Interprétation
    Cong Shan, Zhang Weixin, Wang Jiazhì, Zhang Jian
  • Production
    Studio de Beijing

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