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A Spray of Plum Blossoms
(Yijian Mei)

by BU Wancang

Adapted from Shakespeare The two Gentlemen of Verona, this film is set in 1920s China. Hu Luting and Bai Lede are both graduates from the Shanghai Military Academy. Hu Zhuli (Hu’s sister) and Bai are in love. Hu is set to Canton under General Shi’s command. Shi Luohua, the general’s daughter, falls in love with Hu. Later, Bai joins his friend in Canton and feels attracted by Miss Shi. From then on, the two young men become rivals.

  • Titre français
    Une branche de prunier
  • Original title
    Yijian Mei
  • Titre international
    A Spray of Plum Blossoms
  • Scénario
    Huang Yicuo
  • Photo
    Huang Shaofen
  • Interprétation
    Ruan Lingyu, Jin Yan, Gao Zhanfei, Lin Chuchu, Wang Cilong
  • Production
    Studios Lianhua

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