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A Place in the World
(Un lugar en el mundo )


Ernesto returns for one day to the small town of Valle Bermejo in the mountains of Argentina, to recall events which happened there when he was a boy of twelve. He remembers Luciana, his first love, daughter of the foreman of the biggest landowner in the area, a man called Andrada. He and Luciana would hide from her father, while Ernesto taught her to read. From the perspective of adulthood, however, Ernesto now realises he was learning even greater lessons in life because of the events which surrounded him; the struggle between, on the one side, his parents and their friends, who banded together to help the shepherds of the area and, on the other side, Andrada who, as the largest rancher in the valley, was the natural enemy of their Valle Bermejo Coopérative. Ernesto’s mother Ana, a doctor, and his father Mario, a rural schoolteacher, were no strangers to political movements. They were part of the Peronist résistance during the military dictatorship and later lived as expatriâtes in Spain, where Ernesto was born. They belonged to a generation which believed that it could change the world. It is this spirit which leads to their return to Argentina and to the creation of the coopérative as a stand for equal rights.

  • Titre français
    Un lugar en el mundo
  • Original title
    Un lugar en el mundo
  • Titre international
    A Place in the World
  • Scénario
    Adolfo Aristarain, Alberto Lecchi, d'après une histoire originale d'AdoIfo Aristarain et Kathy Savedra
  • Photo
    Ricardo de Angelis
  • Son
    José Luis Diaz
  • Musique
    Emilio Kauderer
  • Interprétation
    osé Sacristan, Federico Luppi, Cecilia Roth, Leonor Benedetto, Gaston Batyi, Rodolfo Ranni, Hugo Arana, Lorena del Rio, Mario Alarcon
  • Production
    Adolfo Aristarain, Osvaldo Papaleo
  • Support de projection
    35 mm

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