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No Matter What
(Sa kabila ng lahat)

by Lino BROCKA

In the annual television awards ceremony, Maia Roble’s hard-hitting documentary programme receives an award. Her partner and admirer, Mike Serrano, is proud of her victory. On their way back to the TV station, they stumble upon a police cordon. A Chinese currency smuggler is being kept hostage by two gunmen. The mayor is trying to intercede for his safety. But the two gunmen are the bodyguards of Ben Boga, the mayor’s righthand man. While the hostage drama is taking place, Mike manages to shoot  video footage of the mayor’s men beating up a mentally-retarded onlooker. Maia’s award has prompted management to give her a promotion. But Maia’s success is partly due to her bedroom activities. Mike wants to air the footage he shot but Maia protects the mayor’s interests and turns down his exposé. Betrayal and bloodshed will follow…

  • Titre français
    Dans tous les cas
  • Original title
    Sa kabila ng lahat
  • Titre international
    No Matter What
  • Scénario
    Roy Iglesias
  • Photo
    Clodualdo Austria
  • Montage
    George Jarlego
  • Son
    Vic Macamay
  • Musique
    Jaime Fabregas
  • Interprétation
    DIna Bonnevie, Tonton Gutierrez, Ronaldo Valdez, Nanette Medved, Celeste Legaspi
  • Production
    Viva Films
  • Support de projection
    35 mm

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