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All around was covered by snow
(Atrof qorga burkandi)

by Kamara KAMALOVA

Asal, a sensitive, strange teenager, lives alone in a game reserve after her mother’s death. She distrusts people, feeling at home in the wild with the animais. She believes her mother’s death was caused by a ghost who wanders the reserve in the shape of a wild dog and that she must kill this dog.

Kamil, a hunter, works in the reserve and tries to understand the girl and her way of life. She opens up to him, and the growing affection between them gives her strength and deeply touches Kamil.

  • Titre français
    Tout autour était couvert de neige
  • Original title
    Atrof qorga burkandi
  • Titre international
    All around was covered by snow
  • Scénario
    Kamara Kamalova, Asap Abbasova
  • Photo
    Rizcat Ubzagimov, Khasan Kadiealiev
  • Montage
    Olga Moova
  • Son
    Zoija Pzedtechenskeja
  • Musique
    Michael Jariverdiev
  • Interprétation
    Rano Shadieva, Seidulla Maidorhanov
  • Production

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