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46th edition
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Singapore Gaga
(Singapore Gaga)

by TAN Pin Pin

singapore gaga

This film is a song about love, sung by the buskers, street vendors and school cheerleaders, people you don’t normally notice in Singapore. Through montages, verite vignettes, musical interludes, we hear people sing hymns to themselves and to their communities, out of which a sense of what it might mean to be a modern Singaporean emerges.

  • Titre français
    Singapour Gaga
  • Original title
    Singapore Gaga
  • Titre international
    Singapore Gaga
  • Scénario
    Tan Pin Pin
  • Photo
    Reu Low
  • Montage
    Martyn See, Low Hwee Ling
  • Son
    Nigel Woodfor
  • Décors
    Nigel Fernandez

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