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Tigipio, a question of love and honor
(Tigipìo, uma questao de amor e honra)


In 1918, a severe drought dtrikes in Ceara, a Northeastern state of Brazil. The government sets up an emergency work plan to assist the victims. Cattle, pastures and plantations have all been destroyed and farmers leave for more fertile lands. “Colonel” Cezario who was a rich landowner has lost everything in the drought ans is now reduced to making straw hats to survive. His life will change when they start building a road nearly, under the supervision of Heitor : the engineer seems interested in Cezario’s daughter Matilda ;  Cezario will use his daughter to seduce Heitor and get himself a job.

  • Titre français
    Tigipio, l’amour et l’honneur
  • Original title
    Tigipìo, uma questao de amor e honra
  • Titre international
    Tigipio, a question of love and honor
  • Scénario
    Carlos Alberto Ratton, Pedro Jorge de Castro, Ana Maria Balogh, d'après le roman Tigipio, de Herman Lima
  • Photo
    Miguel Freire
  • Montage
    José Tavares de Barros
  • Musique
  • Interprétation
    José Dumont, Regina Dourado, B. de Paiva, Joao Falcao, Ricardo Guilherme, Lilan Mandel
  • Production
    Pedro Jorge de Castro, Embrafilme, Animatographo, Cinema et Video

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