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Shanghai Blues
(Shanghai Zhi Ye)

by TSUI Hark


During the Sino-Japanese war, Gwok-man and Aak-suk promise to meet up again after the conflict. Ten years later, both are living in Shanghai. Despite a series of missed encounters and misunderstandings, they live alongside each other without realising it. Until when ? At the same time a full- blown melodrama and a cheeky comedy with as much sparkle and slapstick as the best screwball comedies, Shanghai Blues seems to summarise the philosophical inclination that runs through Tsui Hark’s œuvre: it is in the chaos of history and its wounds that encounter becomes possible, even inevitable… even love. MM

  • Titre français
    Shanghai Blues
  • Original title
    Shanghai Zhi Ye
  • Scénario
    John Chan, To Kwok Wai
  • Photo
    Ngor Chi-Kwan
  • Montage
    Choi Sui-Sam
  • Musique
    James Wong
  • Interprétation
    Sylvia Chang Ai Chia, Kenny Bee, Sally Yeh, Loretta Li
  • Distribution
    Film Workshop
  • Support de projection
    35 mm
  • Ratio

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