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Rumba caliente
(Rumba caliente)

by Gilberto Martinez SOLARES

Resortes is a sweeper in a vaudeville theatre where the famous Lily del Mar sings. He often protects Ticha the usherette from clients. Don Ramon, the theatre watchman, encourages them to go and dance at a party thrown by a famous Latin-American film producer. The couple manages to dance much better than two flamenco dancers but they are discovered and forced to run away. Resortes and Ticha are hired as dancers in a small cabaret but are soon fired. To help them, don Ramon makes Lily del Mar drink a potion which makes her lose her voice. Ticha replaces her and she’s a great success. Crowned with glory, she refuses to be Resortes’ partner in a minor show. She leaves him and goes to Cuba on a tour. Once again, Resortes gets the sack. helped by don Ramon and singer Rosa, he becomes El Garin, a magician, in a fun fair. There, he meets the “Leon Theatre” producer. They put together a successful popular show. A triumphant Resortes finds Ticha again as she comes back from her tour. They tell each other how much they love one another and she accepts to be a supporting actress in his show.

  • Titre français
    Rumba caliente
  • Original title
    Rumba caliente
  • Titre international
    Rumba caliente
  • Scénario
    Fernando Galiana
  • Photo
    Raúl Martinez Solares
  • Montage
    Carlos Savage
  • Musique
    Manuel Esperón, trio Tamaulipeco, Isolina Carrillo et orchestre
  • Interprétation
    Adalberto Martinez Resortes, Lilia Prado, Oscar Pulido, Gloria Mestre, Rosa de Casfilla, Pascual Garcia Peina.
  • Production
    Mier y Brooks
  • Support de projection
    16 mm

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