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Who are you ?
(Siz kim siz)

by Djakhonguir FAYZIYEV

Two Uzbek intellectuals get arrested on a provincial road after they stole a watermelon. They don’t have any identification. Taken to the police station, tough negotiations start between two worlds which misunderstand each other: urban intellectuals — although one claims having connections with the KGB — vs country people.

The use of different dialects by the various characters adds to the comic aspect of the film which keeps going back and forth between the tragic and the comic. A kind of Uzbek road movie..

  • Titre français
    Qui es-tu, toi ?
  • Original title
    Siz kim siz
  • Titre international
    Who are you ?
  • Scénario
    louri Dachevski, Djakhonguir Faïziev
  • Photo
    Khamidulla Khassanov
  • Musique
    D. lanov-lanovski
  • Interprétation
    Bakhtiar Zakirov, Elier Nassyrov, Toulkoun Tadjiev, Mikhaïl Kaminski, Zakir Mouminov, Seïdoulla Moldakhanov, Bakhram Matchanov
  • Production
    Ouzbekfilm et ASK
  • Support de projection
    35 mm

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