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Nie Er
(Nie Er)

by Junli ZHENG

In the hot summer of1930, 19-year old Nie Er leaves his home in the Yunnan province to escape from persecution by the Kuomintang. He makes his way to Shanghai and finds work as a shop assistant. But that winter the shop is forced to close; Nie Er loses his job and though he has outstanding musical gifts, this does not help him. He later becomes a violinist in a variety show. One day, Nie er is visited by Cheng Lei-tien, an old school-mate from Yunnan. She urges him to join in the mass struggles of the day, so that he may put his gifts to good use. After this Nie Er’s life gains meaning and he makes stricter. At a concert organised by Shanghai workers to raise funds for the relief of flood victims, Nie Er meets Su Ping, an underground Party member who introduces him to the propaganda team of the Shanghai Anti-Imperialist League. Nie Er composed the Chinese national anthem, as well as many musical pieces and film songs.


  • Titre français
    Nie Er
  • Original title
    Nie Er
  • Titre international
    Nie Er
  • Scénario
    Yu Ling, Meng Po, Zheng Junli
  • Interprétation
    Zhao Dan, Huang Zhongying, Zhang Ruifang
  • Production
    Haiyen Film Studio

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