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46th edition
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L’homme du Spoutnik
(O Homen do Sputnik)

by Carlos MANGA

A Soviet satellite fails onto the henhouse of Anastacio and Deocleciana Fortuna, a humble couple, killing a feu) hens and doing a lot of damage. Without realising what is really at stake they think they can make a fortune out of it and go to a luxurious Rio hôtel. But as he tries to sell the satellite, Anastacio is uncovered by a joumalist’s mistress. News of the event spreads around, drawing the attention of the great powers which send emissaries to Rio. Peaceful Anastacio is turned into an “important man”. The Americans and the Russians send their agents. The French will not be outdone and use their ultimate weapon – Brigitte Bardot…

  • Titre français
    L’homme du Spoutnik
  • Original title
    O Homen do Sputnik
  • Scénario
    Cajado Filho
  • Photo
    Ozen Sermet
  • Montage
    Waldermar Voya
  • Musique
    Alexandre Gnatali
  • Interprétation
    Oscarito, Cyll Farney, Alberto Peres, Grijo Sobrinho, Hamilton Ferreira, Neide Aparecida, Heloisa Helena, Zezé Macedo, Norma Benguel, Laura Galeno, Cesar Viola, Geraldo Gamboa, Angelo Labanca, Anbrosio Fregolente, Joe Soares, Abel Pera
  • Production

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