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Les oliviers de la justice

by James BLUE

Les oliviers de la justice

Blending both documentary and narrative elements, adapted from the prize-winning autobiographical novel by Jean Pelegri, Les oliviers de la justice, which features a Blackfoot back home at the bedside of a dying father, resurrects the image of the author’s own father and his Algerian dream. Shot in the last few months of the war in Algeria in the plains of Mitidja and the streets of Algiers, it uses non-actors for the most part the and announced the end of French colonialism.

  • Titre français
    Les oliviers de la justice
  • Scénario
    Jean Pélégri et James Blue
  • Photo
    Julius Rascheff
  • Montage
    Marie-Claude Bariset, Suzanne Gaveau
  • Musique
    Maurice Jarre
  • Interprétation
    Pierre Prothon, Jean Pélégri, Marie Decaître, Huguette Poggi
  • Distribution
    Eurozoom :

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