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Chronicle of Longwang
(Xiang Cun Dang An)

by LI Yifan

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Li Yifans documentary chronicles, with a fiercely analytical eye, one year in the life of Longwang village, a typically poor farming village located near Chongqing, China.

Chronicles of Longwang is a brilliant documentary-almanac chronicle. Althou- gh it takes on its own physical and human geographical trajectory, the film is structured according to the rhythms of epic rural life, with various seasons re- vealing a different aspect of the interplay of Chinese Communist Party govern- ment and impoverished rural life today. What new hopes or values can these people bring about in order to keep living on this non-arable land?

In these difficult and antiquated conditions of existence, Li Yifa’sn scrupulously objective, precisely shot documentary takes on specific meaning in this scru- pulously objective, precisely shot, often implicitly ironic and always compas- sionately engaged almanac of a year of rural Chinese life. Focusing on current transformations and dissolution of reference marks caused by the building of a system that supports the development of social discrimination. Chronicles of Longwang provides a thoughtful and compassionate insight into the daily lives of a large group of people we would otherwise have no knowledge about. Here video becomes a privileged measuring instrument of this immense upheaval.

Jérôme Baron

  • Titre français
    Chronicle of Longwang
  • Original title
    Xiang Cun Dang An
  • Titre international
    Chronicle of Longwang
  • Scénario
    Li Yifan, Qian Jian
  • Photo
    Fango, Lu Jun
  • Montage
    Lu Jun, Huang Qinghua
  • Son
    Xiao Song
  • Musique
    Wu Shikun
  • Interprétation
    Jiang Zhengtai, Xiang Xincun
  • Production
    G&T Communications Co. CQ

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