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The Magnificent Trio
(Bian Cheng San Xia)

by CHANG Cheh

Lu Hsiang-sheng, a general during the Ming Dynasty, dies in action against the Manchurians while his nephew Lu Fang manages to escape. Passing through Feng Jui county, he discovers that the magistrate, Wei Huai-yuan, exploits the people. In retaliation village leader Kao Paoshih, assisted by his son Chi Hsien and a villager Li Chu-jen, kidnaps Wen Cheng, the magistrate’s daughter. Lu Fang promises to submit a petition for them to War Minister Yuan Chung-huan, who is sheduled to pass through their territory on an inspection tour.

Yen Tze-ching, a man of integrity, now refuses to help the magistrate rescue his daughter. When he sends Liang Fu and Chin Chou, his trustworthy henchmen, to the mill searching for his daughter, the party is intercepted by Lu Fang and defeated. The magistrate is forced to seek help from Yen Tze-ching and a man called Han Jui…

  • Titre français
    Le Trio magnifique
  • Original title
    Bian Cheng San Xia
  • Titre international
    The Magnificent Trio
  • Scénario
    Chang Cheh
  • Photo
    Wang Yung-loong
  • Montage
    Chiang Hsing-loong
  • Son
    Wang Yung-hua
  • Musique
    Wang Foo-ling
  • Interprétation
    Chin Ping, Margaret Tu Chuan, Wang Yu, Fanny Fan, Lo Lieh, Cheng Lei, Lei Ming, Chin Tung, Pan Ying-tse, Wu Ching-li, Tien Feng, Chen Hung-lieh, Li Yu-chung, Li Ying, Tang Ti, Ku Feng, Wu Ko, Wang Chih-chang
  • Production
    Run Run Shaw
  • Sous-titrage
    VOST électronique

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