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Sun, Moon and Star
(Xing xing yue liang tai yang)

by YI Wen

le soleil

Before the Sino-Japanese war, a pair of young lovers, Zhu Lan and Xu Jianbai face objection from Xu’s parents, who want him to marry his cousin Qiuming instead. Frustrated, Xu goes to study in the north where he meets Yanan. War breaks out. Yanan and Xu join the army. Lan joins the Nursing Corps and runs into the seriously wounded Xu. Qiuming visits the front as a singer to entertain the soldiers. After the war, Lan dies of illness, Yanan has lost a leg and Qiuming becomes a nun. Ten years of conflict and turmoil has wrought great change and Xu comes to realise only through his memories that true love remains as constant as the sun, moon and star.

  • Titre français
    Le Soleil, la lune et les étoiles
  • Original title
    Xing xing yue liang tai yang
  • Titre international
    Sun, Moon and Star
  • Interprétation
    Chang Yang, Yu Ming, Chang Grace, Yeh Feng, Wang Lai

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