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The Prince who Ghazed at his Own Soul
(Bab ' Aziz)

by Nacer KHEMIR


Ishtar is a little girl who guides Bab’Aziz, an old blind dervish, through the desert to attend a big meeting of dervishes. Just like in a treasure hunt, they get to cross the paths of several characters : twin brothers Hussein and Hassan, with very different temperaments, the prince who decided to build a palace in the middle of the desert, Osman who is trying to leave the country and Nour looking for his father.All these stories interweave around Bab’Aziz like a dream “which is within another dream and so on until the infinity of grains of sand.” (Borges)

  • Titre français
    Le prince qui contemplait son âme
  • Original title
    Bab ' Aziz
  • Titre international
    The Prince who Ghazed at his Own Soul
  • Scénario
    Nacer Khémir, Tonino Guerra
  • Photo
    Mahmoud Kalari
  • Montage
    Isabelle Rathery
  • Son
    Stuart Wilson, Steve Higgs
  • Musique
    Armand Amar
  • Interprétation
    Parviz Shaminkhou, Maryam Hamid, Nessim Kahloul, Mohamed Grayaa, Golshiteh Frahani

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