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The Third Bank of the River
(A Terceira Margem do Rio)


A man leaves wife and children to spend the rest of his life on a nearby river. Although they never see him again they know that he is alive because, every day, the food that his son Liojorge puts on the banks disappears. Years go by. Rosario, his daughter, marries and move with her husband to the city. Liojorge continues to bring his father food ; one day, he meets a young woman, Alva, who becomes his wife. Next year, they have a daughter, Nhinhinha. Liojorge’s mother looks after her while he and Alva continue to bring food to Liojorge’s father. They discover that Nhinhinha is able to work miracles : a confectioner suddenly appears to satisfy her whim for something sweet to eat, or rain falls at her command. One day, three brothers arrive at Liojorge’s home. One of them, Herculinâo, catches sight ofAlva, desires her and makes threatening advances. Afraid of what the brothers might do, the family seeks refuge with Rosario who lives in the favelas, near Brasilia. After Nhinhinha tries out her magical powers heres, she is flooded with impoverished visitors. Nhinhinha grants them il their wishes. Meanwhile, the three brothers won’t give up. They arrest Liojorge while Herculinâo kidnaps Alva…

  • Titre français
    La troisième rive du fleuve
  • Original title
    A Terceira Margem do Rio
  • Titre international
    The Third Bank of the River
  • Scénario
    Nelson Peireira dos Santos d'après Jão Guimarães Rosa
  • Photo
    Gilberto Azevedo, Fernando Duarte
  • Montage
    Carlos Alberto Camuirano, Luelane Correa
  • Son
    Chico Bororo
  • Musique
    Milton Nascimento
  • Interprétation
    Ilya Sāo Paulo, Sonjia Saurin, Maria Ribeiro, Barbara Brandt, Chico Diaz, Chico Diaz, Mariane Vicenti, Henrique Rovira, Waldir Onofre, Gilson Moura, Jofre Orico, Mario Lute, Laura Lustosa
  • Production
    Regina Filmes
  • Distribution
    Regina Filmes
  • Sous-titrage

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