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The Romance of Book and Sword
(Shu jian en chou lu)

by Ann HUI

After the conquest of the Ming dynasty (ruled by the Han race) by the northern Ching tribe, the emperor Chien Lung now sits firmly on the throne. There is a rumour the emperor is a Han. Yu and Min ask the former emperor to recover the Ming dynasty throne from the Ching. But he refuses and lets Yu killed and Min captured.

To rescue Min, Chan and his comrades fight against the emperor’s soldiers in a valley. However they cannot find Min but help one of the Muslim chiefs to recover a sacred copy of the Koran and save his daughter Jade Plume. Then, appointed by her father, she accompanies Chan and the band in order to save Min. But their attempt fails again at the pier of Yellow River…

  • Titre français
    Histoire du livre et de l’épée
  • Original title
    Shu jian en chou lu
  • Titre international
    The Romance of Book and Sword
  • Scénario
    Kam Yung, Ann Hui
  • Photo
    Wong Chung Biu
  • Interprétation
    Cheung Dor Fook, Tat Sik Sheung, O Yee Lo Re, Lau Kai
  • Production
    Leung Yam Wing, Fu Chi, Shum Man Fai
  • Support de projection
    35 mm

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