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46th edition
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Descent into Hell
(Se abre el abismo)

by Pierre CHENAL

A violent man tortures his family until one day they become exasperated and decide to kill him. His daughter, who was away when the murder was committed, quickly understands what happened. She decides to marry the judge who handles the case. Although he has discovered the truth, he will not make it public for his wife’s sake. His successor considers the case is now closed, but the protagonists keep living in fear. 

  • Titre français
    Descente aux enfers
  • Original title
    Se abre el abismo
  • Titre international
    Descent into Hell
  • Scénario
    Pierre Chenal d'après le roman de John Knittel
  • Photo
    Bob Roberts
  • Montage
    Kurt Land
  • Son
    German Szulem, Candido Hours
  • Musique
    Juan Ehlert
  • Interprétation
    Sébastian Chiola, Silvana Roth, Eisa O'Connor, Ricardo Passano, Judith Sulian, Homero Carpena, Alberto Contreras, Malu Gatica, Armando Bo, Ana Arneodo, Pedro Laxalt, Pablo Achiardi, Juan Bono, Cirilo Etulain, Francisco Barletta, Garcia Garaba, Amelia Senisterra, Carlos Belucci

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