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Chaîne perpétuelle
(Cadena Perpetua)

by Arturo RIPSTEIN


Javier Lira, aka “Tarzan”, rules over the prostitutes of Mexico City. His quiet life is disturbed by the death of a prostitute and he is sent to jail on the Marias Islands. He injures a warden, Pantoza, during a drinking session. Later, when Tarzan goes back to the city, he gets married and starts working in an insurance company. But one day, he is recognised by a policeman who knows ail about his past and starts blackmailing him…

“With Cadena Perpetua, Arturo Ripstein asserts his réputation as one of the rare Mexican film-makers who gave cinéma the best of his ail. Let’s hope the undoubtedly high quality can overcome the huge obstacles which stood in its way upon its release.”

Eduardo de la Vega Alfaro

  • Titre français
    Chaîne perpétuelle
  • Original title
    Cadena Perpetua
  • Scénario
    D'après la nouvelle "Los de Antes" de Luis Spota
  • Photo
    Jorge Stahl Jr
  • Montage
    Rafael Ceballos
  • Interprétation
    Pedro Armendariz, Ana Ofelia Murgui, Roberto Cobo
  • Production
  • Support de projection
    35 mm

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