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Cain and Abel
(Cain at Abel)

by Lino BROCKA


Señora Pina is a selfish matriarch who favours Ellis, her younger son, over Loren the eldest who is blamed for the death of his father. Ellis grows up to be cowardly and spoiled while Loren learns to become responsible and kind, despite his growing resentment towards his mother. When the mother learns she is about to die, she turns over the ownership of the farm to Ellis. A bitter quarrel follows and Loren turns his back on the family. Loren’s wife, who is pregnant, tries to intercede with the matriarch and meets an accidental death. This triggers Loren’s vendetta. What started as a family feud escalates into a large-scale war that involves the whole town. Unable to control the situation any longer, the mother dies alone in her room. Finally, the two brothers meet in the forest…

  • Titre français
    Caïn et Abel
  • Original title
    Cain at Abel
  • Titre international
    Cain and Abel
  • Scénario
    Ricardo Lee
  • Photo
    Conrado Baltazar
  • Montage
    Efren Jarlago
  • Musique
    Max Jocson
  • Interprétation
    Christopher de Leon, Philipp Salvador, Carmi Martin, Cecille Castillo, Baby Delgado, Gloria Guinto, Ruel Vernal, Michael Sandico
  • Production
    Cine Suerte Inc.

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