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I'm leaving with this
(E com esse que eu vou)

by José Carlos BURLE

é com Este eu Vou

Two twin brothers, Oscar, an unemployed man who loafs around the Ministry of Employment, and Osmar, president of a bank, are reunited. Oscar knew nothing of his brother’s existence and Osmar thought the former died many years before. Osmar is engaged to Marina but he is also involved with his mistress Fru-Fru in Sào Paulo. On his way to meet her, a twist of fate stops him from attending the meeting of the bank’s shareholders. Introduced to the secrets of banking by Osmar’s secretaiy, Oscar will sit in his brother’s chair.

  • Titre français
    C’est avec ça que je pars
  • Original title
    E com esse que eu vou
  • Titre international
    I'm leaving with this
  • Scénario
    Paulo Wanderley, Carlos Eugênio, José Carlos Burle
  • Photo
    Edgar Brasil
  • Montage
    Waldemar Noya
  • Son
    Jorge Coutinho
  • Musique
    Luis Gonzaga, D. Caymmi et J. Amado, H. Barbosa et Peter Pan, Geraldo Medeiros
  • Interprétation
    Oscarito, Grande Otelo, Catalano, Marion, Heloisa Helena, Madame Lou, Darcy Cazarré, Paulo Wanderley, Carlos Eugênio, Marly Sorel, Ruy Rey, Ciro Monteiro, Adelaide Chiozzo, Afonso Chiozzo, Bob Nelson, Alvarenga e Ranchinho, Garotos da Lua, Quitandinha Serenaders, Moacir Ferreira Diniz
  • Production

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