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Emilio du Hohwald
(Emilio du Hohwald)

by Regina DE ALMEIDA


In 1907, Emile Kuntz’s father left Alsace and a financially comfortable situation to emigrate to Joinville, in southern Brazil. A few days after his arrival, he tragically died. Almost a hundred years later, Emile hardly knows more about the story, but its mystery has been haunting him as much as Brazil fascinates him. He tells Regina about it: she is his friend and a Brazilian film-maker living in Alsace. She investigates in Brazil where she discovers a town heavily influenced by German culture. She starts knowing more about the circumstances of Emile’s father’s death and puts together the pieces of the family jigsaw puzzle…

  • Titre français
    Emilio du Hohwald
  • Original title
    Emilio du Hohwald
  • Titre international
    Emilio du Hohwald
  • Photo
    Frank Barbian, Frank Gepratz, Dominique Béduchaud
  • Montage
    Daniel Coche
  • Son
    Francis Bonfanti Olivier Loutz Christian Cazaubon
  • Production
    Dora Productions

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