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19>28 november 2021, Nantes

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Alamar 3

Alamar starts on a wrong trac : the story of five-year old Nathan’s parents separation, Jorge and Roberta do not agree on their place of residence ; Roman is caught between the worlds of his Italian urban mother that loves modern life, and the earthy existence of his father – that we grasp as soon as we see his native island– and that can’t get use to European grayness. However this simplest explanation of their failure and its consequences takes us on the wrong track. For it is quite another adventure that the filmmaker, coming from the documentary and inspired by its techniques, invites us to through this all most true–life narrative with very little staging. As soon as the boy, on holidays, lands with his father on the island where the grandfather still lives, the film finds its course, rocked by disarmingly simplicit : everything is determined by the geographic singularity of Banco Chincharro a beautiful atoll on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. This haven of peace not only offers Roman an exceptional playground but before long it becomes a place of ancestral bonds between three generations. CG

  • Titre français
  • Scénario
    Pedro González-Rubio
  • Photo
    Pedro González-Rubio, David Torres, Alexis Zabé
  • Montage
    Pedro González-Rubio
  • Son
    Manuel Carranza
  • Musique
    Diego Benlliure, Uriel Esquenazi
  • Interprétation
    Jorge Machado, Roberta Palombini, Natan Machado Palombini, Nestor Marín « Matraca », Garza Silvestre
  • Producteur délégué
    Jaime Romandia, Pedro González-Rubio
  • Coproduction
    Xcalakarma (Mexique)
  • Ventes internationales
  • Distribution
    Epicentre Films - Daniel Chabannes :
  • Sous-titrage

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