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24 City
(Er shi si cheng ji)

by JIA Zhang-ke

The filming of "The Legend of 24 City" by Jia Zhangke. Chengdu, China.

Following Still Life, Jia Zhang-ke adds a monumental panel to the fresco that he devotes to the major upheavals of the Chinese world. At Chengdu, a city famed for its hibiscus, a large-scale residential complex intended for the middle and upper classes is replacing an industrial zone that is gradually being destroyed.

During this ongoing transformation of a whole environment where fiction and documentary interfere, nouveaux riches, former site foremen and workers give the film their testimonies and stories. Mixing memories, emotion and political musings, they reflect a whole social and mental imaginary. A confrontation of scales in which the intimate is engulfed by this oversized historical evolution.


  • Titre français
    24 City
  • Original title
    Er shi si cheng ji
  • Scénario
    Jia Zhang-ke, Zhai Yongming
  • Photo
    Yu Lik-wai, Yu Wang
  • Montage
    Xudong Lin, Jinlei Kong
  • Musique
    Hanno Yoshihiro, Giong Lim
  • Interprétation
    Joan Chen, Lu Liping, Zhao Tao
  • Production
    X Streams Pictures
  • Distribution
    AD VITAM Distribution :
  • Sous-titrage
  • Ratio

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