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Films de Kaboul

Since 2006, the Kabul Varan Workshop run by Séverin Blanchet has trained about twenty young film-makers who made 25 films and started the revival of Afghan documentary cinema. In 2009, the workshop included an extra ten participants, with five girls and five boys. Ten new short films were made.

Séverin Blanchet was killed by a bomb in his hotel on 26 February 2010. He had just arrived in Kabul to launch a new series of films with the Kabul Varan Workshop. We wanted to pay tribute to Séverin, not just because of our grief, but because we lost an irreplaceable creator and organizer. We also vow to keep his work going for as long as we can.

After a period when we taught films through videoconferences, a new team has now been training film-makers and supervising film shootings in Kabul since September 2010.

The workshop participants work in the new CCF offices, within the ”Espace Séverin Blanchet“ dedicated to the Kabul Varan Workshop.