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46th edition
NOVEMBER 15>23, 2024, Nantes - France

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Horizons courts

For the first year since its creation, the Festival of 3 Continents puts forward a short film program for its audience. This idea was born following the creation of a system of direct aid for the production of short films made in Sub-Saharan Africa (FACMAS) by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MAEE). The Association Les 3 Continents has been in charge of this project for the last two years. It was important for us to backup this initiative by accompanying the distribution of these films.
Short films in Europe are often perceived as a prerequisite for any filmmaker who in the long run wishes to make feature films, a case in point, learning by making a «smaller» film. But we noticed that beyond our borders many filmmakers pass from feature-length films to short or the other way around… For the simple reason that a short film is often the outcome of an ongoing approach, a concern of artists, a filmmaking choice or simply the desire to fix a specific moment… Short-films require binding harmoniously a brief narration with visual and dramatic intensity. An exercise of style, capable of fueling political views, visual delirium, human exchanges in a «pocket» format that often invites its audience to live a unique experience. This year we will offer our audience a geographical variation of the Horizons courts program : Horizons#Africa, Horizons#Latin America, Horizons# Asia.
« Men are especially fascinated by what is most distant from them » : let’s listen to Stefan Zweig’s words and let’s be rocked by this new one-night-invitation to travel and discover…

Elodie Ferrer – Carole Jouani
Horizons courts coordination and programming