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46th edition
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Without Memory
(Kioku ga ushinawareta toki)

by Hirokazu KORE-EDA


After a hospital stay where he suffered from vitamin deficiency, Hiroshi Sekine has developed a condition preventing him from forming any new memories. Every morning, he wakes up confused, rediscovering his condition. His wife, Miwa, helps him to hold onto the thread of his life. Will the arrival of a second child help Hiroshi to experience time differently? The small film crew spent several years following the unimaginable difficulties experienced by Hiroshi, who had himself worked as an assistant for disabled people. Staggeringly dense, the film intertwines a reflection on disability, identity, time and memory, with a case study on public health and the moving portrait of a man, a couple, a family. FM

  • Titre français
    Without Memory
  • Original title
    Kioku ga ushinawareta toki
  • Titre international
    Without Memory
  • Photo
    Shigeru HONDA
  • Montage
    Hirokazu KORE-EDA
  • Musique
    Yasuhiro KASAMATSU
  • Interprétation
    Hiroshi SEKINE, Miwa SEKINE, Taku SEKINE, Yu SEKINE, Toshihiro OUCHI
  • Production
    NHK Enterprises, TV Man Union
  • Support de projection
    HD CAM

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