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Widows' village
(Cua Fu Cun)

by Wang JIN

Set in China in 1949. A group of women live in an isolated fishing village, wedged between sea and mountain, in the south of Fuijan province. The men of the village have been drowned by a violent typhoon. Under very difficult living conditions, the women bring up their children and encourage them to marry young. A strange custom requires the young bride to visit her husband’s family three times a year, on feast days. They are not allowed to have children. Those who break this rule are thrown into the ocean. After more than ten years of marriage, Sister and Wanfu are still childless. Doucie and Side fell in love at first sight, but after four years of marriage still don’t know each other. AH Lai and Ah Tai have been married for over a year, but don’t dare live together. These three couples suffer from these marriage customs. Just when they manage to summon up the courage to oppose them, the husbands are forced to join the army and never return.

  • Titre français
    Village de veuves
  • Original title
    Cua Fu Cun
  • Titre international
    Widows' village
  • Scénario
    Chen Lizhou, Wang Yan
  • Photo
    Zhao Xiaoshi
  • Musique
    Cheng Dazhao
  • Interprétation
    Liang Yujin, Yu Li, Hao Jialing, Tao Zeru, Xiz Yuan
  • Production
    Pearl River Film Studio

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