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A Cab for Three
(Taxi Para Tres)

by Orlando LÜBBERT

With a sharp knife to back their argument, Chavelo and Coto jump into the taxi of Ulises Morales, forcing him to serve as their chauffeur, and leaving him nonplussed when they share their spoils three ways. Ulises, who is having problems meeting the installments of his half-paid Lada, earns more in hours than he has done in months. Chavelo and Coto reappear well dressed and carrying a revolver: no more knives and no more stealing from the poor. Ulises goes from mugged to mugger. Somewhere in the district he must be able to find the haul that will permit him to pay off the Lada. After several failed hold-ups, the two-bit purloiners end up in Ulises1 home, in his intimacy and in that of his spoilt daughter Javiera. When he wants out, Ulises soon sees that the only option open to him is betrayal.

  • Titre français
    Un taxi pour trois
  • Original title
    Taxi Para Tres
  • Titre international
    A Cab for Three
  • Scénario
    Orlando Lübbert
  • Photo
    Patricio Riquelme
  • Montage
    Alberto Ponce
  • Musique
    Eduardo Zvetelman
  • Interprétation
    Alejandro Trejo, Fernando Gómez-Rovira, Daniel Muñoz, Elsa Poblete
  • Production
    Producciones Audiovisuales Santiago de Chile
  • Ventes internationales
    Orlando Lubbert Producciones Audiovisuales Santiago de Chile :
  • Sous-titrage
    VOST électronique

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